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Westcombe Dairy

You could say the Calvers produce a real high flyer – Westcombe Cheddar is served to first class passengers on British Airways as well being one of the West Country range! And it was a Westcombe Cheddar that starred on the world famous website

We only use the milk from our three herds grazed on the lush Somerset pastures within a mile of Westcombe Dairy. This and the wealth of experience passed down through generations means our traditional handmade cheese is the best Cheddar can be.

Cheese has been made at Westcombe since the 1890's and we returned to making traditional unpasteurised rounds in the 1990's. Taking the route of high quality and small volume saved our business. It's more satisfying than mass-production but it's hard work. With the help of our cheesemaker Bob Bramley and his team we now produce about 100 rounds each week, aging the cheeses for up to 20 months. This means we have to wait longer for a return on our investment but the final product is a fine cheese that varies subtly with the seasons, capturing something of the flavour of the farm and surrounding fields.

Tom Calver

Cheesemaker Details

Tom Calver
Westcombe Dairy

Lower Westcombe Farm,
Shepton Mallet,

T: 01749 838 031

This cheesemaker has a farmshop.

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